As Karden Raf we manufacture and supply shelf, shelves, shelf systems, rack systems, heavy rack systems, pro rack systems, mini rack systems, shops equipments, supermarkets equipments, metal shelf systems, metal shelves systems, promotion display products, display products, shelf system, rack system, heavy rack system, pro rack system, mini rack system, shops equipment, supermarkets equipment, metal shelf system, metal shelves system, promotion display product, display product, wall shelves, wall shelves with canopy, wall shelves without canopy, inner corner wall shelves, outer corner wall shelves, book shelves, central book shelves, single side book shelves, wall shelves with light, wall shelves with advertising, double side central shelves, single side central shelves, wall shelf, wall shelf with canopy, wall shelf without canopy, inner corner wall shelf, outer corner wall shelf, book shelf, central book shelf, single side book shelf, wall shelf with light, wall shelf with advertising, double side central shelf, single side central shelf, baskets, wire baskets, wire basket shelves, double side wire baskets, double side wire basket shelves, single side wire baskets, stands, cigaratte stands, single cigarette stands, wire basket cigarette stands, wheeled basket stands, wheeled wire basket stands, wheeled wire baskets, display racks, wheeled display racks, storage rack, storage racks, wire basket gondolas, beverage stands, promotional hook stands, double wire basket stands, single wire basket stands... ENG Karden Depo Raf Sistemleri A.Ş. (Karden Warehouse Rack Systems) is continuing on its way with confident steps with a view to share its years of experience with its valuable customers and execute many more successful works together. Our company carries out its sales and marketing activities in its head office in Istanbul. Karden Depo Raf Sistemleri A.Ş. exports its products to the European countries, Russia, Middle Asia, Turkic Republics and African countries as well. In order to offer the best products and service to its customers, Karden Depo Raf Sistemleri A.Ş. manages its entire work flow with the state of the art technologies. Providing consulting services for the customers free of charge by employing computer-aided programs at the design stage, our company uses the “Enterprise Resource Planning Production and Management System” program to ensure quality in the production. Aiming at manufacturing better products at all times, Karden Depo Raf Sistemleri A.Ş. pursues the developing technologies tirelessly and reflects such technologies on all of its activities.

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